Patterns In Nature

The Art, Soul, and Science of Beholding Nature

Engaging Patterns In Nature

This web site is for those who love being with nature. Those who know that, by engaging and studying nature's patterns, one gains a clearer understanding of why our universe, our world, our fellow creatures, and ourselves are all interrelated -- all connected.

Here, you will find my nature photography gallery that emphasizes the contemplative joy of nature's patterns -- both abstract and real.

I have provided a regularly updated draft of my extensive book on patterns in nature on this web site. Since therre is now an eBook version of this book, I will no longer provide updated drafts. But, I am delighted to find that a significant number of people have been using my drafts as a resource. So, I will continue to make this draft available on the web. Please feel free to continue using this material. However, you may choose to purchase the final version of this eBook.

On my blog site you will find a growing collection of essays concerning nature's patterns. I am hoping that these essays will generate interesting comments and email dialog from you.

I also provide an expanding list of resource material. Many of the ideas in these materials have helped me develop my ideas.

I would like to start a dialog on all aspects of patterns in Nature. Please contact me with your thoughts, ideas, and comments .

-- Bill Graham

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